IUD Community of Practice

Welcome to our Community!

community of practice is a group of professionals who share information, resources, and lessons learned around a specific topic. The LARC CoP is a website and associated listserv where professionals in New York City and across the country can share their experiences and challenges as they work to understand and address barriers to accessing long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs).

Launched in April 2014, the LARC Community of Practice is the LARC Taskforce’s newest project. The LARC Community of Pratice was made possible by support from the New York Community Tust. 

The LARC Community of Practice

  • Engages leaders and partners of all types, within and outside the current LARC Taskforce membership, to work together to reduce barriers to accessing contraceptives at the local, regional, & national level.
  • Centralizes current IUD/LARC resources, and features external organizations and projects.
  • Facilitates collaboration, coordination, real-time problem-solving, and exchange of lessons learned and promising practices among those working to break down barriers to contraceptive access, specifically access to LARCs.
  • Leverages the current momentum of the LARC Taskforce and seeks to engage local, state, and national leaders to strengthen the larger dialogue surrounding contraceptive choice. It is our hope that others will share their work and resources with the LARC Community of Practice.

The LARC Community of Practice provides:

  • LARC Community Listserv – Reach out to colleagues anytime and get LARC news & research updates
  • Crowd-source your LARC questions – The LARC Community is a group of engaged experts and colleagues that can help to troubleshoot your questions in real-time and offer feedback
  • Browse or contribute to our extensive database of IUD/LARC resources, as well as our list of aggregated links to relevant projects and organizations
  • Download materials produced by the LARC Taskforce as guides for your community – Lessons learned, factsheets, and policy briefs
  • Find a LARC Provider in your area or create a referral list of providers in your area

Visit the LARC Community to join our listserv; submit a question or resource; discuss best practices; or browse our database of IUD- and LARC-related materials.

For further information, please visit our website: IUDTaskforce.org

Email us at: IUDTaskforce@healthsolutions.org