Featured Organization: NorthShore LIJ

Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJMC) is a non-profit, tertiary care teaching facility, and a flagship hospital of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, which is changing its name in January 2016 to Northwell Health. The health system is the largest in New York State and serves a catchment area of approximately 8 million people. For nearly 10 years, North Shore-LIJ has provided comprehensive reproductive health and sexual health services to the increasingly diverse communities of Queens. North Shore-LIJ focuses on women’s health to ensure patients have access to high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare, a wide range of contraceptive options, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. For patients seeking pregnancy, we offer pregnancy testing, prenatal and postpartum care, in addition to access to long-acting, postpartum contraceptive options. Our ambulatory locations are both positioned within multi-specialty care units, allowing for patient access to additional services, including behavioral health and social services, medical, dental and comprehensive cancer screening. Additionally, we offer a variety of education and outreach topics at no charge to the community, including a peer health education program, to empower youth surrounding important reproductive health topics.



  • Katz Institute for Women’s Health (KIWH): KIWH is a champion for women’s health and wellness.  Modern medical science continually shows us that women’s health needs are unique.  To meet those needs, KIWH provides a complete healthcare connection across the continuum of care over a woman’s lifespan – clinical programs that focus on the unique health needs of women, educational opportunities that highlight prevention and wellness, and access and navigation to the vast network of physicians and resources within North Shore-LIJ.
  • Resource Center: The KIWH resource center offers women seamless, coordinated access to all of North Shore-LIJ Health System’s clinical programs and services across the continuum of care.
  • Gynecology/Ambulatory Care Unit: The Katz Women's Hospital Ambulatory Care Unit includes all the specialized care expected in an OB/GYN practice. Schedule an appointment here.
  • Center for Maternal-Fetal Health: Serves pregnant women with obstetrical and/or medical complications. Our maternal fetal medicine physicians are specialists in caring for women during high-risk pregnancies.
  • Outreach and Education: To schedule outreach & education, contact Janay Scott- Jscott15@nshs.edu