Featured Organization: Peer Health Exchange

Peer Health Exchange is a national nonprofit whose mission is to empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to make healthy decisions. We do this by training college volunteers to teach a skills-based health curriculum in under-resourced high schools across the country. As slightly older peers, PHE volunteers are well-positioned to lead honest conversations about young people’s choices and health. In PHE, volunteers teach a thirteen-workshop curriculum through which teenagers learn essential health information and develop critical skills including decision-making, communication, advocacy, and accessing health resources in their schools and communities. Recently, PHE has been working with school-based health centers to increase the number of students who access them for care, including wellness visits, contraceptives, and mental health support. PHE has also partnered with UCSF’s Bixby Center to increase the number of school-based health centers that are prepared to provide young people with accurate information and care regarding LARCs.


  • PHE Program: Learn more about the school-based health education program PHE provides to over 17,000 young people across the country.
  • PHE Blog: Learn more about PHE’s partnership with UCSF Bixby Center to train school-based health center staff on LARCs.
  • Virtual Health Center Tour: Watch a short film intended to introduce young people to the resources available to them at their local health center; produced by Stone Soup Films.
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