Featured Organization: Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP)

The Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) provides training and support to clinicians to make reproductive health care accessible to everyone.  RHAP focuses on three key areas:  abortion, contraception and miscarriage.


  • Clinical Tools feature information for medical professionals interested in learning about integrating evidence-based contraceptive care, early abortion practices, and the management of miscarriage into their practice.

  • The Contraceptive Pearls are a monthly clinical e-publication that highlights a clinical best practice designed to improve or expand access to contraceptive care.  Free continuing medical education (CME) credit is available on selected Pearls.

  • Teaching and Training Tools include resources and tools for teaching contraceptive care, abortion practices, and miscarriage management. There is also information about opportunities for contraception training and fellowships
  • Advocacy Tools provide opportunities to get informed and stay involved in advocacy concerning the inclusion of comprehensive reproductive health care in family medicine.

  • Click Here to purchase patient education materials, including posters, fact sheets, and birth control user guides.


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