Featured Organization: Reproductive Health Technologies Project (RHTP)

The Reproductive Health Technologies Project (RHTP) is a DC-based nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the ability of every woman to achieve full reproductive freedom by having access to the safest, most effective, appropriate and acceptable technologies for ensuring her own health and controlling her fertility. Founded in 1988, RHTP helps to ensure that new reproductive technologies related to contraception, abortion, STDs, and fertility are developed safely, and that women are well-informed about their options. RHTP’s work intersects public health education, advocacy, and policy development surrounding new and current reproductive health technologies by building consensus with experts across various industries and developing strategies on cutting edge issues.


  • RHTP At-A-Glance: This chart provides a visual overview of RHTP’s four program areas: Abortion Technologies, Contraceptive Technologies, Health & Wellness, and Reproductive Genetic Technologies. The chart represents RHTP’s work to ensure that people have the tools and resources they need to prevent, plan, and end pregnancies as needed; to become pregnant and support healthy pregnancies when desired; and to maintain their health and well-being throughout their reproductive years.
  • FAQs about IUDs: RHTP covers frequently asked questions concerning the effectiveness, advantages, side effects, and other details about the IUD.
  • Paragard IUD for Emergency Contraception Fact Sheet: This fact sheet details the benefits, considerations, and cost of Paragard for EC use.  
  • Emergency Contraception: A Guide for Pharmacists and Retailers: In partnership with the American Society for Emergency Contraception and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy Women’s Health Practice & Research Network, RHTP created a visual guide outlining regulations governing EC and where it should be stocked in pharmacies and retail stores.