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The Fog Zone: How misperceptions, magical thinking and ambivalence put young adults at risk for unplanned pregnancy


Kaye, K., Suellentrop, K., and Sloup, C. “The Fog Zone: How Misperceptions, Magical Thinking, and Ambivalence Put Young Adults at Risk for Unplanned Pregnancy.” Washington, DC: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. 2009: 36-38. Accessed from:

Featured Organization: California Family Health Council


California Family Health Council (CFHC) champions and promotes quality sexual and reproductive health care for all. Founded in 1968, CFHC achieves its mission through an umbrella of services including clinic support initiatives, advanced clinical research, provider training, patient education, and advocacy and consumer awareness.

Featured Organization: Peer Health Exchange


Peer Health Exchange is a national nonprofit whose mission is to empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to make healthy decisions. We do this by training college volunteers to teach a skills-based health curriculum in under-resourced high schools across the country. As slightly older peers, PHE volunteers are well-positioned to lead honest conversations about young people’s choices and health.

Featured Organization: Medicines360


Medicines360 represents an innovative approach to the pharmaceutical industry, combining technical expertise and a commitment to expanding access to effective and important pharmaceutical products for women, regardless of socioeconomic status, insurance coverage, or geographical location. The proceeds from the health products developed by this nonprofit pharmaceutical company are reinvested into advocacy, education, and partnership development to expand healthcare access across the world.