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IUD and Implant Reimbursement under Medicaid in New York State: A Primer


This white paper was developed by the Reimbursement Workgroup of the New York City LARC Access Taskforce. The paper has a specific focus on IUDs and implants because of the unique barriers providers and institutions face in stocking and providing these devices, including high up-front costs and challenges in securing adequate reimbursement for the device and its insertion. However, the recommendations in this paper may prove useful for the challenges providers face related to other forms of contraception as well.

IUD Data Sources - IUD Factsheet


IIn 2013, the Data & Monitoring Workgroup of the NYC IUD Taskforce conducted a review of the available literature and datasets on IUD use in New York City and nationally.  This factsheet identifies best practices for developing and maintaining an IUD-related monitoring system, describes currently available datasets, their underlying metrics and the limitations of each. UD Taskforce